About Our Team

Bill Spurlock, Qualifying Broker

  •  has been in the real estate business for 40+ years 
  • Manage and oversee a team of Real Estate Agents
  • Follow up on leads for buyers and sellers
  • Negotiate and prepare contracts prior to the sale or lease of a residential property
  • Inspect homes prior to listing them and work with agents on staging, repairs and maintenance
  • Prepare comp lists for properties in similar geographic areas to those in our listings
  • Track contract term fulfillment for properties
    Advise property buyers and sellers on best practices and pricing strategies
  • Assist agents with continuing education
  • Attend property closings and ensure all contract terms are met by both parties 
  • Excellent closing skills
  • Ability to mediate disagreements between buyers and sellers
  • Experience with tenant representation preferred
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Working knowledge of computer programs and processes

Spurlock Realty